Eliminating Bad Breath and Dark Mucus


Eliminating Bad Breath and Dark Mucus

Medically known as halitosis, bad breath is a condition so common that it affects people of every age, gender and race. 75% of the world’s total popular population is affected by it, either temporarily or chronically. The bad news is bad breath or halitosis can be the reason for deep embarrassment and poor self-worth, making it truly an unfavorable condition that needs to be considered, not to be ignored.

Bad breath is caused and triggered by a number of factors. Some are serious, while others are just normally occurring. But generally speaking, the main culprit of bad breath is the bacteria that normally live in the mouth and tend to grow into numbers once triggered by certain conditions, like the formation of dark mucus due to a post nasal drip or sinusitis.

When you develop a sinusitis or post nasal drip, bad breath occurs in a way that the dark mucus that is continually produced by the cells lining the passages of your sinus tends to drip down your throat and nose. What’s worse is, the dark mucus not only causes the coughing spasms that is associated with the post nasal drip, but it will coat or cover the back of your throat, as well as the back of your tongue. This is where the connection between bad breath and dark mucus occurs as when the mucus sits in those areas, it will draw bacteria to rest and breed there, resulting to bad breath.

Fortunately, bad breath and dark mucus can be eliminated. Although there is no specific cure for these conditions, several ways are suggested to at least reduce bad breath and dark mucus. One of the best methods is simply to drink plenty of water. As you may know, drinking lots of water is a healthy habit to be accustomed to. But more to that, drinking lots of water will help you reduce the layer of dark mucus responsible for bad breath. It will wash away the bacteria that thrive on the mucus, leaving you mucus-free and bad breath-free.

You can also reduce or eliminate bad breath and dark mucus by avoiding alcohol and caffeine. According to some health care professionals, this is highly vital when you are affected by sinusitis that causes the buildup of dark mucus. Alcohol and caffeine must be avoided for one simple reason – they will only make the problem worse.

Smoking is but another culprit of bad breath and dark mucus. It leaves a negative effect to your sinuses as it tends to irritate your sinuses, then leaving a chance for more bacteria to grow. Aside from that, smoking can stain your teeth and may even cause tooth decay, which is but another breeding ground of the odor-causing bacteria. So if you want to reduce or get rid of bad breath and dark mucus, then start cutting back from smoking.

Finally, bad breath and dark mucus can be eliminated if you will cut down on dairy products. The idea behind this is that all dairy products have some fat content, which can make the existing dark mucus thicker. If this happens, your bad breath will become intense. So start doing the cut down as early as now.