Few Things to Consider When Seeking Lower Back Pain Relief


Few Things to Consider When Seeking Lower Back Pain Relief

The best thing that you may probably have considered in your search for an efficient lower back pain relief is to find out what really cause this condition. There are quite a number of factors that may result to lower back pain though there are conditions for which the causes are unknown. Nonetheless, the pain is real and sometimes excruciating.

Among these factors are muscle spasm, muscle strain, ligament sprains, joint problems, herniated disc, improper posture, too much weight carried by the lumbar section of the back bone and several more others.

A herniated disc, or sometimes called as degenerated disc is caused by the bulging between the bones. This condition may press on the nerves and cause the excruciating pain. However, many people don't know what affected their back bones that induced this pain.

To allow lower back pain relief, there were different exercises and body positions, which may help raise the possibility of releasing the back bone from too much stress. Most physical therapists would suggest that the patient lie on the floor with pillows underneath his head and knees. It is important that the hips and knees are bent in this posture. This will help free the back from the weight and stress it is carrying.

If your case is severe, you may need to rest in this position for one to two days. However, you may need to reinforce your muscle strength during this period through walking, though this may hurt quite a bit.

If you would not want to risk muscle strength in this or the idea of walking while your lower back aches, you can use heating pads, ice packs and massages as alternatives. Their effects may be impermanent but temporary treatment may as well prove a great relief.

Nonprescription drugs may also be excellent aids for reducing pain and swelling. These include the following: aspirin, naproxen (Aleve), acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (brand name: Motrin) and ketoprofen (Orudis).

Lower back pain may either be a continuous process or may be a series of attacks. For ongoing back pain, the ideal action to take is direct the treatment at the actual causes. This may mean loosing weight. Obesity is pointed as one reason why people suffer lower back pain. As we know, the lower back carries all the weight that may be induced on the upper body. Once the body is overweight and too much force is created to stress out the muscles and the bones on the lower back, the end result may be extreme lower back pain. Two other things that you might want to consider is to correct your posture and to put your muscles in shape.

These things, if addressed correctly may prove beneficial in searching for lower back pain relief