Frequent Bad Breath in Children


Frequent Bad Breath in Children

Bad breath affects children in the same way it affects adults. It is not necessarily a sign of a more serious health condition though, but a frequent bad breath in children can be distressing not only for the child, but for the parents too.

There are a number of causes associated with frequent bad breath in children. Some medical researches have noted that a frequent bad breath in children may be caused normally by mouth breathing due to colds, allergies, sinus infections, or enlargement of tonsils blocking the nasal passages; dehydration; thumb sucking; increased bacterial activity in the mouth at night; infrequent snacking and drinking throughout the day; and improper brushing. All of these are deemed culprits for the reason that they tend to cause mouth drying, which in turn allows the increase of the number of bacteria in the mouth resulting to a stinky breath.

Knowing the culprits, it is now so far understandable that the real root of frequent bad breath in children is mouth drying. So to prevent or cure frequent bad breath in children, it is necessary to maintain the saliva production so to decrease the mouth bacteria. But, the question is in what possible way will the saliva production be increased? Well, there are actually a lot of ways that parents may consider to treat their child’s bad breath. One of the best ways is to ensure that your child gets plenty of fluids throughout the day. This is pretty self-explanatory as less fluids means less saliva, and less saliva means a dryer mouth. So if possible, offer frequent drinks throughout the day as it may helps flush out the odor-causing bacteria in your child’s mouth.

In case of allergy and colds, a frequent bad breath in children can be prevented by treating the problem with saline or a nasal aspirator suctioned in your child’s nose. You can apply this to your child at night before he or she goes to bed. In this way, post-nasal drip as well as mouth breathing can be reduced. Post-nasal drip and mouth breathing as mentioned earlier are two common causes of frequent bad breath in children.

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To further treat frequent bad breath in children, try to teach your children the importance of oral hygiene. Make your child aware that proper cleaning of the mouth right after every meal is very important in treating frequent bad breath he or she is suffering from. Also, teach your child the proper way of brushing the teeth. Assist your child, but while you are helping, make sure that your child knows the importance of brushing not only the teeth, but also the tongue and sides of the mouth. Also teach your child the proper way of flossing.

If after doing all of these suggestions mentioned above and you still find your child suffering from frequent bad breath, don’t hesitate to call or see a doctor. A frequent bad breath in children that appears after four to five days of the initial treatment may signal something serious. It could mean an infection, or something that is chronic. So call your dentist or your child’s physician and talk about the problem.