Herbal Pain Relief – Using Ancient Wisdom


´╗┐Herbal Pain Relief – Using Ancient Wisdom

Around the world, going back hundreds and sometimes thousands of years, herbal pain relief has been used to help alleviate both acute and chronic pains that people though out time have had to deal with. These remedies are often just simple leaves, berries, and roots. Sometimes it would be a seed and sometimes the bark of the tree. There are some remedies that use just the plant itself. Looking closely to see what things these old herbal pain remedies did can be enlightening.

This article is not meant to be taken as medical advice and shouldn't be considered advice from a physician. There are things that will be mentioned that can help you find relief to pains that you deal with on a daily basis, but it should not be considered anything more than to educate and inform about what has been known to help bring about pain relief.

1. Aloe Vera has a number of benefits. The most obvious and well-known is treatment for burns and small burns. It has also been connected with healing wounds. Take the tip off a plant and use the gel and sap from inside the plant to cover your burns or wounds.

2. Cayenne pepper or red pepper has capsaicin in it that can provide quick and long lasting relief for sore joints and muscles.

3. Chamomile can, besides relaxing your body and settling your nerves, aid with digestion problems and a sore stomach. It is most commonly ingested as a tea.

4. Cranberry helps with urinary tract infections that can cause a significant amount of pain. Eating the berries raw or drinking the juice will both benefit you. You can also take it in pill form.

5. Feverfew can help with headaches, stomach aches, toothaches, and rheumatoid arthritis.

6. Flaxseed oil has been known to help with menopausal discomfort and osteoporosis.

7. Ginger cannot only help ease nausea, it might help joint and muscle pain.

8. Ginseng might be able to help with the pain that comes from fibromyalgia.

9. Kava Kava is believed to help with tension headaches.

10. Licorice can help soothe a sore throat.

11. Papaya has an ingredient that helps the pain of a herniated disk. It is also known to help take the sting out of a bee sting.

12. Peppermint can help ease the discomfort of an upset stomach. It can also help a sore back find relief. It works well in this capacity when combined with eucalyptus oil.

13. Turmeric has a positive effect on joint and muscle pain brought about by injury.

14. Witch Hazel oil can be put onto a cotton swab and then put in the ear to help an ear ache.

The list of things that these and many other plants with healing and pain relieving qualities could go on for much longer. More than likely, just looking around your house or in a park forest, or garden somewhere, you can find plants that cannot just help with pain relief, but bring about healing as well. The good thing is for the most part, these herbal pain relief remedies are already prepared and can be easily found in stores. The ancient wisdom and knowledge gained and used to bring about health and pain relief is still being used with success today.