Life management in the occurrence of arthritis


´╗┐Life management in the occurrence of arthritis

As a person age, his body system starts to get frail. Because of this, he is exposed to certain ailments. However, with proper life management, these diseases can be prevented or alleviated. The following are some ways to deal with the particular health conditions:


Aging and climate are the two culprits pointed to cause arthritis. However, the basic cause of the pain is the lack of lubricating fluids in the joints. Because of this, the joints, cartilage and linings are in friction when in motion. They become stiff and will begin to irritate. Continuous movement causes the joints to inflame and thus, ache.

There is a diverse forms of arthritis depending upon how the person reacts to the disease. The lack of lubricant can cause friction to the cartilage or the joint lining. When the wear occurs in the cartilage, it is called osteoarthritis. While when the wear occurs in the joint lining, it is termed rheumatoid arthritis.

Knowing the root of the disease, one can point out the cure. The body needs oil rich in omega 3. And since the body cannot manufacture this, it has to be supplemented through proper diet. Omega 3 is found in nuts, vegetables and fish. Polyunsaturated oils from vegetables and fishes are helpful to cure arthritis.


Asthma is another disease that affects the natural breathing process. Because it hinders breathing, the method of treatment involves inhalation and exhalation technique. Correcting the breathing habits with the integration of proper diet and exercise can help cure asthma.

The breathing technique is done by lying flat or sitting erectly. The ratio of inhaling to exhaling should be 1:2 for a minimum inhalation period of 4 seconds. Gradually, the time to perform each set of this exercise should increase until proper breathing is established as a habit. The next stage is to include retention. This involves holding of breath before exhaling. The desired ratio of inhalation, retention, and exhalation should be 1:4:2 for a minimum of 4 seconds. This technique shall be powered with eating leafy vegetables, root crops and fruits. It should also be noted that products from animal flesh, processed foods and grains can aggravate asthma and therefore must be avoided.

Chronic bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis is a known respiratory disorder common to smokers and people with poor immune system. This can be caused by viruses or bacteria and can lead to pneumonia. The persistent character of this disease requires continuous treatment until completely resolved, otherwise the disease can reoccur and aggravate. Decongestants are the common medications to treat chronic bronchitis.


Diabetes is a medical condition characterized by an abnormally high sugar level. It is generally affected by the failure in producing insulin or defect in insulin action or, in some cases, both. Indeed, diabetes is a serious disease that needs proper attention. The first step to detect diabetes is to test the blood sugar level. This refers to the amount of glucose present in the blood. When the doctor has confirmed the occurrence of the disease, a dietitian is the next person to call for. The dietitian shall design a good meal plan. There are numerous medications to control the blood sugar and they must be taken properly.

Heart disease

Heart disease is considered as the number one killer. About 1.2 million Americans die every year because of heart disease. And unfortunately, roughly one quarter of the population of United States suffer in some form of heart disease without them knowing it. To prevent or to alleviate heart diseases, lifestyle should be modified. There are basically simple things that need to be integrated in the daily routines. Such things as regular exercise, proper diet, and taking the nutritional supplements designed for the heart should make up the habit. In addition, there are also habits that must be taken away from the system such as smoking, aggressive drinking and fondness to fatty foods.


Emphysema is one of the most destructive lung disease, yet least understood. Because of the poor studies in counteracting this disease, it is considered as a silent killer. It can frantically destroy a person, yet remain unknown. Emphysema can only be detected when it is at its worst already, when the lungs have considerably been damaged. Cigarette smoking is one of the key causes that lead to emphysema. When the symptoms are starting to occur, it is advised to consult a physician and quit smoking. This is the only way to save you from such ailment.