Tonsils Causing Bad Breath


Tonsils Causing Bad Breath

Bad breath, also known medically as halitosis, is a condition that most people suffer from at one time or another. It is caused by a number of factors, but most are associated to the increase of bacteria present in the mouth that produces the so-called “volatile sulfur compounds” where the stinky smell comes from.

One of the most commonly known causes of bad breath is tonsil stones. This is basically where the idea on “tonsils causing bad breath” originates. Well, according to some studies, bad breath is produced when tonsils hold a mass of bacteria on its place. The tonsil stones, also known as tonsilloliths, are characterized by nasty yellowish and whitish colored lumps on the tonsils that smell like hell. These tonsils causing bad breath are caused by the buildup of the bacteria capable of producing volatile sulfur compounds as well as debris that becomes trapped and lodged in the tonsils. The debris, as what most medical studies have shown, may include mucus that drips and purifies in the back of your throat due to post nasal drip. This mucus that forms out of post nasal drip is known as tonsil crypts.

The tonsils causing bad breath may appear small on the surface of your tonsils. They are yellowish and whitish in color and may not be removed by any simple teeth and mouth cleaner. These tonsils causing bad breath may also appear to be extremely inflamed and typically form pockets of pus in the tonsillar crypts. It is this condition that causes an extreme soar throat that is often accompanied by vomiting and fever.

What is more important to know about tonsils causing bad breath is that when the formed pockets of pus are not treated as soon as possible, chances are bad breath may become chronic. Worst of all, the tonsils causing bad breath may create certain infection on the tonsils itself that is often followed by a rheumatic fever. This condition, according to some medical studies, can damage the heart. Because of this, people who are affected by chronic tonsils causing breath are strongly advised to see a doctor and obtain a diagnosis. An antibiotic may be given to you in case of severe tonsil infection.

The tonsils causing bad breath are not only caused by those sulfur-producing bacteria. Many of them are triggered by certain viruses that have no serious consequences. What usually happens in this kind of condition is that the tonsils causing bad breath may cause misery to the bearer for a few days and they’re gone. You may also find yourself able to take care the infections without the use of any antibiotic. Sore throat may occur, but when it is resolved, the tonsils causing bad breath also does.

Today, without much association to some degenerative disorders, tonsils causing bad breath are deemed normal. But this doesn’t mean that the condition should be ignored. People affected by it are even advised to see a doctor for a diagnosis. This will not only help you eliminate bad breath, but will help you maintain a healthy and fresh breath.